Cuddle Academy


Become a Professional Cuddle Therapist. 

Online and face to face training, Access to IICT membership and Insurance Cover in 26 Countries.

Final weeks of the old training at $147 AU to become a Certified Cuddle Therapist with Cuddle Academy 

Contact 0400 925 112 for more information.

Accredited Diploma in Cuddle Therapy


Cuddle Therapy Australia is a register of trained Cuddle Professionals. We are masters of platonic touch and offer a personalised experience, dedicated to absolute comfort and wellbeing. 
Whether it is the need for someone to hold space, or the desire to cuddle for friendship, relaxation, or therapeutic reasons - we are available.
Many people do not get the amount of physical human touch they need daily.
We, as the premier Professional Cuddling Service in Australia, are the solution. 
Our experienced Cuddle Therapists will create ease, soothe the mind, body, and soul to blissful relaxation. 


Cuddle therapy is an alternative wellbeing modality based upon the basic human need for touch. Our mission is to alleviate the symptoms created from the breakdown of human contact and societal overuse of technology through platonic interaction. Lower levels of depression, anxiety, and stress are positive consequences of regular therapeutic touch.  

Cuddle Therapists are available to work in hospitals, aged care facilities, palliative care, maternal health and private sessions at mutually agreed locations.