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Sarah Sin

Books currently closed to new clients.


Ph:0481 168 676

Amanda ​Souza

Founder of About Love Healing Center,

Brazilian based in Sydney, cuddle therapist, reikiana, thetahealer passionate and quantum enthusiast. 

I am a true visionary manifester, i love learning about spiritual development/awareness/quantum physics and law of attraction.


Everything is achievable in the field of possibilities, with the help of techniques that I’ve learnt throughout my 10 years studying the universe. My mission is to share love ❤️


All Practitioners are Independent Service Providers. 


Amy Redhead-5.jpg
Amy Wirt

To book Please contact: 0478 890 860



It's a basic human requirement. But in our busy, high-tech lives, the need for touch can easily get overlooked. All the while deep within us we know we need something more. Connection. Pure, uncomplicated, soul satisfying, life regenerating connection . It sounds too simple. But then again so is eating. You feed your body, so now feed your need for touch & connection- with a professional, platonic cuddle therapy session. 

Call or email to book. 

Christine Cuddles

Empowerment through self-healing
About Me: Height: 5’2 Age: mid 40s 

Personality: Caring, compassionate, and empathetic.

I am a warm, compassionate, and nurturing soul. I have spent most of my formal career working with non-profits and assisting community efforts. I love meeting people and offer uplifting support. A session with Christine will leave you feeling like your heart has been hugged. You will leave feeling like you can truly breathe again.

I  speak fluent Italian, Spanish, Catalan and English
Session Types Offered: Inbound (Wellness Centre, 561 Spencer St West Melbourne)

                             Outbound (Hospitals, Aged Care) 
Travel Options: Contact office
Session Length Available: 1-2 hours
Availability: Monday to Sunday 10am – 8 p.m., (please contact office for further details)
Cost: $1.50 per minute (minimum 30 minutes) 
Payment Options: Cash, Credit Card, Paypal, Eftpos

                 Phone: 03 - 8317 9090 to book your cuddle

        web site under construction

Melbourne - VIC


Phone: 0475782248 (please Text Only)

Cuddle Therapy is for EVERYONE.. 

Call me to make a booking for today.

South Melbourne & South Yarra

Carla Allen 
Mermaid Beach - Gold Coast

To make a Booking: 

Contact number 0 4 1 5 3 7 4 1 8 1


Melbourne - VIC

Registered Nurse and Cuddle Therapist

To book Please contact: 0477 137 029

A Contact email:

I am a registered nurse (General and Mental Health) as well as credentialed Mental Health Nurse with the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses (ACMHN). I currently work with clients within several therapy modalities including - psychotherapy, Dialetical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness techniques.


I decided to add this new Diploma in Cuddle Therapy to my above modalities.  Having researched this new modality - the power of touch to heal is so significant, and in a world over-ruled by work and responsibilities, touch therapy can also help slow people down in the fast paced society we live-in.  The rise of the cuddler as a profession, isn't just about a warm and comfortable fuzzy feeling - but human touch is critical to life - and can be considered as important as air water and food.


Available for: Therapy sessions, Hospital Visits, Aged Care Facilities, Disabilities, Veterans Affairs,and LGBT clients.


This is not an emergency service and cannot be substituted as such - any people feeling suicidal need to phone through to 000 or Pacer/CATT/EMH Teams at their nearest located hospital within Victoria, or phone Suicide Hotline at Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636.

Ph: 0422 056 021
Mt Waverley - VICTORIA

Hello and welcome


Being a professional healer ( Reiki, Kundalini, pranic) , massage therapist and a holistic counselor for 20+ years my nature and mindset is all about nurturing, connecting and being there unconditionally for my clients, I'm highly intuitive and very tactile


Cuddling and Hug Meditation therapy is something that I believe is highly beneficial for everyone's well being.Add this to my other qualifications and you have a perfect Holistic healing experience


My home in Mt Waverley is a quaint earthy abode filled with essences aromatherapy crystals and a tranquil temple feel. If you don't live in Melbourne I can travel to you


You will have a choice of having a reiki infused relaxation massage before our warm cuddles and chats. But this is all about you and your wellness, so you decide cause everyone is different


I work Monday through to Sunday, pre bookings only. 2pm - 8pm, but this can be negotiable. To make a time for you text or call me on 0422 056 021


Love, light and abundance,


Shepparton - VIC

Contact number: 0 4 4 7 5 7 7 2 4 4
Contact email

I am retired nurse.  I love to meet new people - I'm here to listen, hold space for you and offer that little bit of calm in times of need.

All first responders receive a 25% discount (Includes all emergency service workers, SES, CFA, Doctors Nurses etc)  Travel Fee if distance is over 30km.



Available for Hospital Visits, Aged Care Facilities, Visit’s to cemetery, Coffee Dates, Movies, Illness, Disabilities, Veterans,

Feeling Suicidal only a text away 


Ph: 0427 600 136


I am a body therapist working with people through the power of touch with Certified Massage, Healing and Ear Candling.

I have a passion for life which I create with happiness and laughter. I’m a good listener, love movies, reading, meditating

and belly dancing. Cuddling is a basic human need to be nurtured and it is our birth right to feel calm and soothed. Come

a long on a journey with me and discover the feeling of platonic touch of cuddle therapy.

Western Australia - Geraldton



I am a recent college graduate. I enjoy reading, writing, researching, learning and growing. I love Art and studied Art! I Love my coffee in the morning and tea at night. I believe everyone is born with intrinsic value, and I see that in everyone, and I want to cuddle your purpose and being. I am a great listener with a big heart! I want to see everyone in balance and one with themselves. I am free spirited and witty, but I am here reaching out a helping hand!

Ph: 0474 027 914

Jessica O'Neil



Phone- 0400219312

I offer genuine unconditional love.

I transfer this through loving touch.

Sessions with me are sacred.

We will connect to each other through yoga breath and visual methods.

We then lay together and I will hold you with complete tender, loving, care. 

I will guild you through relaxation techniques until your body fully lets go. 

Once your are in a state of release, when your body and mind are relaxed enough to let go and allow new information in, we will begin to implant new positive thought patterns. 

At this point you have the opportunity to raise your vibration.

Cuddling, tells the body, it's ok to relax, release and let go. 

During these sessions your body and mind is put back into a perfect ebb and flow, working harmoniously to heal itself. 

New positive thoughts are created and a new life begins. 

You can check out my qualifications, other therapy sessions I offer and make bookings via the web.


Ruth Wolfson



Silvan. Victoria

Phone: 0458 555 422


I am a qualified Massage and Cuddle Therapist. 

I have long believed in the power of touch - it's such a healing, nurturing thing to be able to offer. As a very tactile person, giving hugs and cuddles is my strong point. 

Based in Silvan, at the base of the Dandenong Ranges, east of Melbourne. I have a quiet, warm and private studio where I offer my platonic cuddles. 

If you are in need of Touch, Hugs, Cuddles or perhaps even a shoulder to cry on, I am here. I am a warm and giving person and a very good listener. 

* please note that this is therapy, and as such, payment is required before the session begins. 


Karina Thurgate

0478 823 568


I have a miniature horse stud and visit with veterans and their families building relationships and communication skills. 


I am available 5 days a week, monday to friday 9-3 and i'm flexible as to location be in my office or your home/workplace. 


I am also willing to cuddle with the elderly at a location convenient to them and children suffering trauma.

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