At times the cuddle requires a more gentle and sensual approach. 

These sessions are only offered to clients who have had several platonic cuddle experiences and who would like to take a step to the next level. These sessions are not Sexual in any which way. They are designed to allow for warmth of the body, the connection of the energy and the touch of the hands. 

The sessions are not designed as a sexual encounter. They are there to assist with clients to learn how to slow down, feel and breathe into the warmth of the body, to allow for the sensations of the heart to transform the connection into a slow and beautiful way. 


You will be required to book for a platonic experience first and then progress as comfort levels are achieved. 


These sessions are suitable for men and women who have deeper issues to work through. Assisting with areas of their life where intimacy is difficult to encounter and ways that they can delve into exploration of their energy in the company of a stranger. 


To book a session for this you will only be invited by a Cuddle Buddie for this. You can request this at a platonic session and if the Cuddler is comfortable and willing she/she will offer this to you as the next session.